Farm Pest Control


Litter beetles can cause damage not only to the structure of farm facilities but, more importantly, to the animals themselves. To reduce litter beetle populations, inspect your structures and use a trusted residual treatment to keep these pests at bay.


Archer Insect Growth Regulator

The Archer® insect growth regulator formulation and unique mode of action effectively controls populations of beetles and other pests to prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults. When applied outdoors, Archer can be tank mixed with adulticides such as Demand® CS insecticide for long-lasting population control.

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Demand CS

Demand CS Insecticide

Once animals are removed from the area, Demand® CS insecticide can be applied to the walls and floors of a farm building at clean-out before animals are reintroduced. In addition, apply Demand CS to horizontal and overhead areas of a farm facility to provide residual control against darkling beetles and flies. 

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