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We are proud to build partnerships in the pest management industry. Below is a list of Syngenta distributors.

BWI Companies, Inc.
(903) 838-8561

Forshaw, Inc.
(704) 372-6790

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC
(901) 761-0050

Oldham Chemicals Company, Inc.
(800) 888-5502

Pest Control Supplies
(800) 821-5689

Pest Management Supply.
(312) 791-1211

SiteOne Landscape Supply LLC
(678) 518-3401

Superior-Angran Inc.
(Puerto Rico Only)
(787) 774-1990

Target Specialty Products
(877) 601-0643

(800) 888-4897

Winfield Solutions LLC
(855) 494-6343

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