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Prepare for a pest-free summer with Demand CS Jun 24, 2021
Pest management professionals can win big with their Demand CS success stories Jun 7, 2021
Cicadas are coming. Apr 26, 2021
Enhance your mosquito control this spring with SecureChoice Mosquito Apr 23, 2021
Pump up your perimeter pest control this spring with Advion Insect granular bait Feb 24, 2021
Pat Willenbrock announces retirement after impressive career at Syngenta Dec 11, 2020
Tackle more than 30 different pests with proven Demand CS Dec 7, 2020
Take out ticks this fall with the SecureChoice Tick Assurance Program Oct 16, 2020
PestPartners 365 from Syngenta is the easy way to save in 2021 Oct 1, 2020
Upgrade your cockroach control with SecureChoice Cockroach Aug 20, 2020
Take control of perimeter pests with new Advion Insect granular bait Jun 16, 2020
PMPs can defend against perimeter pests with new Advion Insect granular bait from Syngenta Apr 28, 2020
Springtime is also time for assured mosquito control with SecureChoice Apr 14, 2020
Syngenta Actions on COVID-19 Mar 20, 2020
How to put a quick end to troublesome termites Feb 13, 2020
PMPs in Hawaii can now take on termites with Altriset from Syngenta Jan 31, 2020
Stop rodents in their tracks by avoiding two common factors Nov 19, 2019
PestPartners 365 from Syngenta makes it easy to save in 2020 Oct 1, 2019
Syngenta simplifies cockroach control with the new SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program Sep 25, 2019
Top tips for guaranteed cockroach control Sep 25, 2019
Get guaranteed protection against scorpions — even in the height of summer Aug 20, 2019
Get insect control everywhere Advion gel baits can go – and more – with sprayable Advion WDG Jul 22, 2019
Sprayable Advion WDG from Syngenta controls insects anywhere Advion gel baits can – and more Jul 22, 2019
Give customers the season-long protection they need Jun 26, 2019
How to overcome cockroach bait resistance May 23, 2019

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