Our commitment to the industry goes far deeper than the products we manufacture. We take great pride in partnering with organizations that empower pest management professionals (PMPs) and the industry. With a robust team of experts, including seven territory managers and three field technical representatives, Syngenta strives to help PMPs manage pests wherever they create a public health threat or nuisance.

By working alongside PMPs, we understand the challenges that our customers face – from regulatory issues, to customer service, and technical support. We're here to offer a broad range of support services to help ensure that our customers’ businesses are successful. The Syngenta team is also proud to support the pest management industry on national and global levels. We work on initiatives to control pests, sponsor industry events and initiate educational programs that help members of the industry thrive.

Read below to learn more about some of our partnerships.

Syngenta Wellbeing Portal

Syngenta Wellbeing Portal

Our commitment to our industry goes far beyond products and services to protect our communities from nuisance pests. We are also committed to the health of our customers, employees, families, and communities. That's why we created the Syngenta Community Wellbeing Portal to help you stay healthy, active, manage stress and enjoy life as we come together to navigate the Coronavirus situation.


National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

Syngenta is proud of its long-standing support of the NPMA. PMPs look to the National Pest Management Association as a valuable resource for information and education, and as an advocate for their best interests. Syngenta works closely with the NPMA in its mission to protect public health, food and property from the diseases and dangers of pests, in part by sponsoring many of the association’s events and programs.


RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment®)

Syngenta supports efforts that promote the safe use of pesticides wherever pests need to be controlled. As such, our partnership with RISE furthers that goal. As the national trade association representing manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other industry leaders involved with specialty pesticides, RISE gives the facts about pests and the threats they pose to health and safety. RISE promotes the safe use of pesticides to control pests and invasive species that are detrimental to our health and environment.

Conservation work

Conservation work

Syngenta actively partners with conservation groups around the world to maintain natural environments and eradicate pests that threaten native species. As a developer of innovative pest control products, Syngenta works with conservationists to provide solutions to aid wildlife recovery efforts that help communities boost nature-based tourism and fuel economic growth.

Syngenta Business Coaching with Team Triad Coaching

Syngenta Business Coaching with Team Triad Coaching

Business coaching from Syngenta helps PMPs grow their businesses through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and webinars. Through a partnership with expert business advisor Mark Zajac at Team Triad Coaching, Syngenta offers customized programs that help PMPs develop strategic plans, scale for growth, and craft succession plans. For more information, please contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

World Golf Foundation

Local support

Each year, Syngenta supports more than 35 state and regional pest management associations and attends more than 140 industry conferences, trainings, and association events. For more information on how Syngenta can help support you, your company or your association, please contact your local Syngenta territory manager.


Syngenta maintains a number of projects with the IVCC, a product development partnership established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. By working with these organizations, Syngenta developed Actellic® 300CS, a non-pyrethroid insecticide to help overcome the resistance issues occurring in malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. In addition, we are also collaborating to research new active ingredients for vector control, the output of which should have utility in the broader pest management arena. Syngenta has also recently become a partner in the IVCC Next Generation Indoor Residual Spray project, which aims to protect as many as 50 million people from malaria in 16 African countries.

Innovation to Impact

I2I is a global partnership to transform the process for developing and delivering vector control products. Syngenta is a committed partner in this initiative and is present on a number of work streams, providing insights to ensure that innovative new life-saving tools are brought to the market quickly and effectively. Learn more.

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