Residential Pest Control

Fall Invaders

Fall invaders, such as beetles and stink bugs, can crawl indoors during the fall to seek harborage from cooling temperatures and can stain surfaces and produce foul odors. An effective residential pest management plan for controlling fall invaders involves inspection and exclusion efforts, as well as using a residual spray to control insects all season.

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Quarterly Outdoor Perimeter Spray
Demand CS

Demand CS Insecticide

To coincide with your quarterly service routes, Demand® CS insecticide can withstand heat and UV degradation to provide residual control of fall invaders for up to three months. 

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Tandem Insecticide

With the power of two active ingredients, Tandem® insecticide provides added convenience for quarterly service protocols by controlling fall invaders for up to three months.

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Additional Products for Fall invaders

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