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About microcaps — and why your customers should know about them

Blue Microcaps
Microcaps (in green) adhering to an insect's exoskeleton.

Your customers have heard a lot about a challenging domestic economy this summer, which may indicate tighter spending on pest control services like yours. That means you not only need trusted pest control products that work well, but you’ll also need products that provide lasting protection. This will help ease your customers’ minds about the value they’ll get from your services and help prevent costly callbacks for your business.

That’s why a product with a microencapsulated formulation, or microcaps, is worth the investment, and Demand® CS insecticide with iCAP technology™ takes microcaps to the next level. Its multiple-sized, lipophilic microcaps are engineered to adhere to pests' waxy cuticles, ensuring a quick knockdown and long-lasting control.

Within the Demand CS formulation, microcaps contain tiny droplets or particles of the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, within a protective coating or shell made of another material. The capsule walls act as a barrier, protecting the active ingredient at the capsule core from degradation or evaporation, controlling its release over time.

When an insect encounters a surface treated with Demand CS, the microcaps adhere to its body. The microcaps gradually release the active ingredient, which then affects the target insect, leading to control or elimination for up to 90 days.

Challenging economic conditions always breed uncertainty among customers, but talking to them about the value of the Demand CS advanced microencapsulated formulation will help validate the cost of your services. A product like Demand CS gives them something that’s in short supply these days. A sure thing.

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