Commercial Pest Control

Restaurants and food-handling establishments

Restaurants and food-handling establishments attract a wide variety of pests, making them high-pressure accounts that require trained technicians to accurately pinpoint and treat problem areas. It is important to frequently visit these accounts to confirm your control methods are working.

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Advion Ant Gel

Advion Ant Gel Insecticide

Advion® Ant gel features an invisible, no odor, non-staining formulation and comes packaged with removable tips so you can use it with most existing bait guns, or use the included tips and plunger for precise placements.

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Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide

As the number one product on the cockroach bait market, Advion® Cockroach gel bait has a highly palatable bait matrix, making it a preferred choice in food-handling establishments such as restaurants.

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Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide

Advion® Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait contains the same active ingredient, indoxacarb, as Advion Cockroach, but with a more attractive bait matrix. This enhanced bait leads to more consumption, quick mortality and a cost-effective solution for cleaning out cockroaches.

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Optigard Ant Gel Bait

Optigard Ant Gel Bait Insecticide

Optigard® Ant gel bait conveniently features an integrated tip to avoid misplacements, while controlling ant species with an invisible formulation that customers, such as restaurant patrons, will not notice. 

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Zyrox Fly Granular Bait

Zyrox Fly Granular Bait Insecticide

With an odor and dust-free formulation, Zyrox® Fly granular bait can be used outdoors in commercial and food-handling establishments, and indoors when placed in a bait station.

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Quarterly Outdoor Perimeter Spray

Archer Insect Growth Regulator

Now labeled for food-handling establishments

Archer® insect growth regulator interferes with normal development in reproducing adults of many common insect pests. Its low volatility is ideal for applications indoors and outdoors, including food-handling establishments (see product label), because it leaves no odor or airborne residue.

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Indoor/outdoor Crack-and-crevice or Spot Treatment

Arilon Insecticide

Arilon® insecticide is a non-repellent product that can be used to clean-out heavy cockroach populations in food-handling establishments.

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Demand CS

Demand CS Insecticide

Even at a low use rate, Demand® CS insecticide can deliver more than 10,000 iCAP technology microcaps per square inch of coverage to control pests in a broad range of use sites, including restaurants and food-handling establishments.

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Demon WP WSP

Demon WP WSP Insecticide

Demon® WP-WSP insecticide is ideal for clean-out of cockroaches, spiders and other pests in non-food areas of commercial and food-handling establishments. 

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Tandem Insecticide

With dual modes of action offering powerful control and excellent resistance management, Tandem® insecticide can be applied as a spot, crack-and-crevice, void or banded spray treatment across various use sites.

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Talon-G Bait Pack

Talon-G Bait Pack Rodenticide

Talon® G rodenticide bait packs contain brodifacoum, which is the only active ingredient that has no documented cases of resistance.

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Optigard Cockroach Gel Bait

Optigard Cockroach Gel Bait Insecticide

With a unique active ingredient in the cockroach market, emamectin benzoate, Optigard® Cockroach Gel Bait controls cockroaches at two different target sites for faster-acting control compared to other avermectin baits. 

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