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Syngenta at PestWorld 2021

Find your Syngenta jackpot solution at PestWorld 2021. Play our in-booth games for a chance to win big! Plus, see what makes Syngenta a winning solution with our yearlong rebates program, proven products, digital tools and more.


Thanks for playing!

Congrats to all the winners of our PestWorld 2021 memory game! Although the gaming period is over, you can still check out our solutions below to see how we're helping you provide customers with a life uninterrupted by pests.

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It’s a snap to plan, buy and save with PestPartners 365

See how the 2022 PestPartners 365 Program makes saving a snap by exploring this new, interactive video experience! You can also watch how to estimate and view your rebate savings all year long.

Saving all year is simple with PestPartners 365. Unlike other programs that only offer seasonal savings on select products, PestPartners 365 provides yearlong rebates on all Syngenta products.

Earn at least $500 in base rebates between Oct. 1 – Dec. 8, 2021, and receive an additional, one-time bonus rebate.

PestPartners 365 resources

The program sheet for the 2022 PestPartners 365 Program

2022 program sheet

Includes important program dates, qualifying products and more.

Download now
A sheet highlighting easy ways to become 2022 PestPartners 365 Program member

2022 easy groupings sheet

Outlines product configurations that create rebate values of $200 or more and can automatically make you a 2022 program member.

Download now
The cover of a brochure containing all the Syngenta pest control products

Product guide

Provides an overview of all the pest control products in the Syngenta portfolio, including rates, active ingredients and more.

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See why PMPs depend on Demand CS

Pest management professionals (PMPs) put their trust in Demand® CS insecticide to ensure effective, long-lasting perimeter pest control. With Demand CS, you can expect:

icap logo

Peace of mind

Immediate and long-lasting control with iCAP technology™ helps the product easily adhere to pests' waxy cuticles as they travel along treated surfaces and protects the active ingredient from environmental conditions

icap logo


Up to 90 days of residual control comes from the controlled release of the active ingredient

icap logo

Reduced callbacks

Demand CS provides proven control of over 30 common pests, including guaranteed control of public health pests like mosquitoes and ticks as part of multiple SecureChoice℠ assurance programs

Demand CS resources

The cover of a brochure containing information about Demand insecticide brands

Demand franchise brochure

Provides features, benefits and technical details about Demand CS and Demand G insecticides.

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A sheet highlighting the benefits of the Demand CS Master Shipper

Demand CS Master Shipper sheet

Offers package information, trial data and savings opportunities for the Demand CS Master Shipper, which contains 24 quarts of Demand CS in a single case.

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The logo for the SecureChoice brand from Syngenta

SecureChoice homepage

Provides an overview of SecureChoice assurance programs featuring Demand CS, as well as information about training materials and resources.

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The logo for the SecureChoice brand from Syngenta

Demand CS scorpion sheet

Explains how Demand CS is a proven solution for scorpion control as part of the SecureChoice Scorpion Assurance Program.

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Put up a dual defense against 90+ pests with Tandem

With the versatility of two active ingredients and two modes of action, Tandem® insecticide provides flexible, systemic control of more than 90 perimeter pests. With Tandem, you’ll experience:

  • A ZC formulation that combines a capsule suspension and a suspension concentrate to deliver two complementary modes of action
  • iCAP technology to ensure a controlled release of lambda-cyhalothrin for immediate and long-lasting control, while protecting against harsh environmental elements
  • Systemic action that targets homopterous insects that feed on landscape vegetation and produce honeydew, a popular food source for ants, enabling more robust ant control
  • Flexible applications indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments, as directed by the label

Tandem resources

Tandem information sheet

Offers an overview of Tandem features and benefits, along with supporting trial data.

crown leadership awards logo

Celebrate the Crown Leadership Awards Class of 2021

For more than 30 years, Syngenta has been proud to honor outstanding industry leaders through the prestigious Crown Leadership Awards with PCT magazine. Congrats to these 2021 winners on their exceptional contributions to the industry:

  • Suzanne Graham, Massey Services
  • Marty Overline, The Aardvark Pest Management
  • Freeman Elliott, Orkin
  • Donnie Shelton, Triangle Pest Control
  • Gary Curl, Specialty Consultants

These winners, along with a Lifetime Achievement Award winner chosen by industry peers, will be honored in a special ceremony at PestWorld 2021 on Wednesday, Nov. 3. Ask your Syngenta representative for more details.

A pest management professional exploring the Syngenta Pest App

With new features, our Syngenta Pest App just got even better

Access important pest control information on the job with the newly enhanced Syngenta Pest App. New features include push notifications, PestPartners 365 date reminders, an updated mixing calculator and more!

Text PESTAPP to 20103 to download it for free on your Apple or Android mobile device.


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