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Syngenta introduces free mobile app for accessing pest control information on the job

To put essential product and application information at the fingertips of busy Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), Syngenta has introduced its new mobile app. Free for Apple® devices, the Syngenta Pest App can be used by PMPs, even if they’re on the road without an internet connection. The app will be available for Android™ devices before the end of the year.

The app contains a wealth of pest control information for PMPs on the go, who can do the following:

  • Access details about Syngenta products, including labels and safety data sheets
  • Read information about the PestPartners 365 yearlong rebate program and SecureChoice assurance programs
  • Use a mixing calculator to help ensure the right amount of product for tank-mixing
  • Watch a variety of educational videos
  • Access contact information for local Syngenta territory managers and distributors

“A PMP often needs access to a variety of reference materials when they’re servicing someone’s property,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta in North America. “With the Syngenta Pest App, we’re aiming to give PMPs knowledge at their fingertips, so they can get what they need when they need it most.”

After downloading the app, PMPs can access it by creating a free account, or by logging in with their existing account. After the app syncs for the first time on an internet connection, it will load the synced information on subsequent sessions, even if internet access is not readily available.

“We know PMPs spend a lot of time outside of their offices,” explained Marshall Gaster, market manager for PPM at Syngenta in North America. “That’s why the Syngenta Pest App provides easy access to information from a mobile phone that can help them properly follow treatment protocols and more effectively solve their customers’ pest problems.”

To download the Syngenta Pest App, visit the Apple App Store or text PESTAPP to 20103. For more information about the app, visit


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