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“Our goal is to improve the bottom line. For example, we want to know what the cost per finished gallon is for liquid products like Demand® CS insecticide. The [PestPartners™ 365] Program allows us to purchase products and have a lower cost per finished gallon than any other products available.

“Syngenta has really gotten on board with understanding what we need in the field. They’re more in tune with the needs of the pest control operator, and they understand our needs and our day-to-day operations. They really listen and work to accommodate your needs. The PestPartners 365 Program is a perfect example of the commitment of Syngenta to the industry.”

- Joe Heskett
Hinkle Termite & Pest Control
Colby, KS

“Some programs give you a really great rate on one product, but it’s only for a specified period of time, so we have to stockpile. That’s not the best method of doing things because it creates a lot of work on our side that we don’t really want to do.

“I think it’s innovative of Syngenta to come up with a completely different program [with PestPartners 365]. During the off-season, I had time to study, decide and make sure the program worked from a business standpoint. I didn’t have to waste my time figuring out a lot of variables and a lot of conditions during the most hectic time of the year. The entire process is simple and easy to use. We take advantage of the smart timing and it has worked very well for us.

“Any time you can get a rebate on what you purchase, that’s a pretty good deal, but if the company doesn’t have products that you need there’s no point in buying them. Syngenta has what I need.”

- Brad Baker
Director of Technical Services
Gregory Pest Solutions 
Greenville, SC

“The problem with rebates for most companies is you have to time your purchases to when that rebate comes out. A lot of products never even go on sale from other companies. With the PestPartners 365 Program, it’s year-round. I’ve been using the Syngenta products from day one and we really enjoy Syngenta products. We appreciate that [Syngenta offers a year-round rebate program], and did we buy more because of that? Yes.

“The online worksheets and calculators were fairly simple. It’s all about going to the next tier as far as saving money goes. As guys start getting their checks, they’ll say wow, I got my check from Syngenta. And everyone will say, well, how’d you get one? I’m going to be looking at Syngenta products at the end of the year because I’ll also get those rebates back.

“We are using the money to buy new trucks and equipment. We hope that by end of year, the rebate should be $3,000 or more. If I can save a couple thousand dollars, that’s a couple thousand dollars I didn’t have to put out.”

- Bob Boyle
C-Cat Termite & Pest
Burlington, Iowa

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