Advion Ant Bait Arena Insecticide

Product Overview

A powerful tool for broad-spectrum control

Advion® Ant bait arena is an innovative technology that can be used in many sensitive situations for outstanding ant control. Arenas should be placed in areas where ants are currently foraging, or where foraging activity is suspected.

Key Features

  • Targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders
  • Features a highly attractive, homogenous formulation
  • Indoxacarb, the active ingredient, is the only member of its class of chemistry, so it performs like no other insecticide

Key Benefits

  • Ants consume more bait over an extended period, resulting in thorough control of the infestation
  • By combining a proprietary active ingredient with a highly attractive formulation, Advion Ant bait arena provides a powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control
  • The formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods



Try outdoor baiting for improved tramp ant control

Year after year, ants remain at the top of the list of the most common insects that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) are called upon to manage. Many of these calls are for the so-called "tramp ants" that include Argentine, odorous house and crazy ants. These ants feed on a variety of food sources, but prefer sweet foods like honeydew and other sugar sources.  Read more »