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Be proactive about house fly control with an IPM plan

By Chris Keefer, Field Technical Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

The house fly is a “cosmopolitan” pest that can be found in habitats around the world, and in close proximity of humans. This pest can also be known to transmit viruses, bacteria and fungi. As a Pest Management Professional (PMP), it is imperative to be able to distinguish between the many flies that can be commonly found in residential and commercial settings before identifying a treatment plan.

  • The house fly adult:
    • Has four black longitudinal stripes on dorsal side of thorax
    • Varies in length from 1/8 to 1/4 inch 
    • Can lay 100-150 eggs in organic material 
    • Completes metamorphosis in seven to 21 days
    • Lives 14 to 21 days

As with any pest infestation, developing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for house fly control is recommended. A thorough, sustainable IPM plan should include these basic guidelines:

  • Be certain that you have correctly identified the fly species first, as many different species look alike
  • Determine how severe the fly infestation is and identify all areas of property that are infested
  • Identify and eliminate house fly requisites for life, like food, water and harborages
  • Determine who is responsible for each part of an IPM plan (the PMP or the customer) and effectively communicate the customer’s part of the plan to them

Sanitation, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control should all be kept in mind through the entire IPM planning process. If house flies are discovered and chemical control is necessary, Zyrox® Fly granular bait from Syngenta provides effective fly control with a novel active ingredient and a highly attractive formulation. With the active ingredient cyantraniliprole, Zyrox has a different mode of action than other fly baits on the market and can help combat fly resistance. It can be utilized outdoors as a scatter bait or used in a bait station indoors.

By following a plan and being knowledgeable about the target pest, you can ensure your customers aren’t bothered by the nuisance of house flies. For more information about house fly control, contact your local Syngenta territory manager.



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