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An Integrated Approach to Controlling Fleas with Demand + Archer

An Integrated Approach to Controlling Fleas with Demand + Archer
By Clay Scherer, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management
As spring turns to early summer and temperatures rise, people and pets will spend more time enjoying the outdoors. However, this could increase the chances of pets becoming infested with fleas and establishing infestations indoors. Fleas can be a difficult pest to manage, but they are no contest for the combined efforts of a Pest Management Professional (PMP) and homeowner who follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.
Prevention and Homeowner Actions
Homeowners can play a big role in controlling fleas in their home and on their pets. Inform your customers of the following tips to help prevent a flea infestation from establishing in their home.  
·         Speak with a veterinarian about on-animal flea control products with various modes of action.
·         Frequently launder pet bedding materials and vacuum all floors. 
·         Regularly clean and maintain outdoor housing areas, such as dog houses.
·         Point out problematic areas in the home or lawn to the PMP upon inspection.
Prevention and PMP Actions
A thorough inspection of the residence and surrounding areas should help identify environments conducive to flea breeding. Recommendations should be made to homeowners about proper vegetation or weed management around the perimeter of the home, which can help reduce potential breeding areas. Additionally, feral animals or wildlife should be kept out of crawlspaces, attics and under porches to prevent the establishment or spreading of flea infestations.
Effective Tools for Controlling Fleas
Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs), such as Archer®, are very effective against fleas and have become critical components in a flea management program. IGRs affect flea eggs and larvae to help end the insect life cycle. Areas to target, when used in accordance to the label, include pet bedding areas, the perimeter of structures, outdoor pet housing and other areas frequented by pets. Applications of contact insecticides, such as Demand® CS insecticide, alone or in combination with an IGR can control adult fleas and provide effective residual when applied to entire lawn areas.

Depending on surrounding environments, flea infestations can begin at any time and can reoccur. Regular and frequent inspections, followed by appropriate treatments, will help ensure a successful and satisfactory program.


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