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Knock out Nocturnal Scorpion Nightmares

Knock out Nocturnal Scorpion Nightmares
By: ElRay M. Roper, Ph.D., Technical Representative, Syngenta

Stinging insects like scorpions can become more than just a nuisance in a home, they can also instill fear in families and homeowners. To prevent and treat these elusive hunters, pest management professionals (PMPs) can take several steps to rid their customers of scorpion problems

• Inspect - Scorpions are ambush predators and tend to not crawl around frequently but rather wait in areas where their prey of smaller insects will travel.  In areas where scorpions are prevalent, PMPs can thoroughly inspect harborage areas and around homes at night by using a black light to find scorpions on the property. Scorpions will glow turquoise blue in the black light.

• Treat Cracks and Crevices – Spot treatments in cracks and crevices with an insecticide like
Demand® CS with iCAP™ Technology can help to control scorpion populations. Demand CS is ideal for scorpion control because of its microencapsulated formulation. Syngenta’s proprietary iCAP Technology encapsulates the active ingredient in lipophilic microcaps of different sizes that cling to the scorpion’s legs. The smaller capsules release the active ingredient faster providing quick control, and the larger capsules release the active ingredient more slowly to provide residual control of scorpions and the other pests on which they feed.

• Food Source Management – Treating a home for other general pests can eliminate food sources for scorpions. Scorpions tend to feed in the same area unless it is disrupted or treated. Ants, roaches, crickets, spiders and flying insects are all viable prey for scorpions. A perimeter  treatment can eliminate these nuisance pests, which can result in fewer scorpion populations.

• Habitat Elimination – Scorpions hide during the day in small spaces that will keep them cool and moist. Removing harborages like rocks, trash, boards, containers, overgrown shrubbery and low growing ground cover will leave fewer locations for scorpions to lurk.

• Exclusion – Scorpions can enter homes through the smallest openings. PMPs can offer exclusion services or advise homeowners to plug weep holes with porous materials; caulk roof eaves, utility entrances and other cracks; ensure window and door screens fit tightly; and install weather stripping around windows and doors.

By implementing a combination of these steps, PMPs can successfully rid their customers of these scary stingers that prowl through the night. Once populations are controlled, a regular service maintenance program with a perimeter insecticide will help ensure long-term control and comfort for customers.

For a firsthand account from a PMP on the effectiveness of Demand CS on scorpions, please click

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