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Pest Specific Instructions for Using IGR's

Pest-Specific Instructions for Using IGRs:
By: Bob Cartwright, Technical Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management
Cockroaches – IGRs provide the perfect companion product to use with baits to delay/avoid resistance. IGRs help control cockroaches that do not feed on bait placements. Treat suspected harborage areas (under sinks, behind appliances, pipe chases, etc.). When using Archer®, quarterly treatments work best.
Ticks - Ticks typically rest on tall grass and undergrowth waiting for their next host to come along. Treatment should be targeted at this type of vegetation. Because ticks are long-living and can survive extended periods of time, it is critical to use an IGR like Archer that is not readily broken down by light and will withstand outdoor conditions. Good coverage of the foliage is critical, use either a high-volume spray or a low-volume backpack mist blower that moves the spray particles into the plant canopy.
Fleas - Because flea problems are generally associated with pets (although sometimes squirrels or other rodents may generate a problem), the solution must be oriented around the pet’s habitation. On-animal flea treatments are effective, but sometimes do not completely solve the problem. Use of a sprayable indoor/outdoor IGR can make the difference in controlling fleas. Treatments should target areas where animals tend to rest or congregate, as those areas are where flea eggs and larvae are found. Vacuuming pet bedding and similar areas can also be helpful in removing flea eggs and larvae, although vacuuming is rarely effective by itself. Archer provides effective control of immature fleas when applied as a spot or general spray to flea resting areas. In tandem with Archer, use of an adulticide is usually needed to bring the adult fleas in check. Demand® products containing lambda cyhalothrin are excellent complementary adulticides for flea control with Archer.
Other pests - Carpet beetles are another indoor pest that can be successfully targeted with applications of Archer when applied in the areas of carpet or other materials where carpet beetles are found. Spot treatments of Demand CS are also very effective in quickly eliminating adult beetles. Similarly, exterior banded sprays of Archer against crickets can be effective in reducing numbers of crickets that typically invade in large numbers in late summer and early fall. Darkling beetles are a key pest for poultry producers and have been shown to develop resistance to most classes of insecticides. Because of the strong potential for resistance, Archer provides an effective tool to mitigate resistance and improve overall control of darkling beetles in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Archer can be applied to poultry litter and to the structure walls in between flock placements or at clean-out. 
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