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Keep ants and callbacks away with a comprehensive ant control product portfolio

As spring temperatures rise, ants are warming up to the nooks and crannies of your customers’ homes. These pests are resilient so it is important to use products specially formulated to not only get the job done right the first time, but continue to control ants throughout the season. To give Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) a variety of ant control options to best suit their businesses, Syngenta offers a powerful product portfolio featuring three unique solutions to ant problems.

Advion Ant: a powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control

Advion® Ant gel bait controls 19 key ant species, more than any other ant gel bait on the market. Its formulation reflects the changing feeding preferences of different ants, from sweet foods to proteins to oils. With its slight delay in ant mortality, the active ingredient in Advion Ant, indoxacarb, allows ants to return to the nest in time to share the bait with other ants. Additionally, ants have been shown to favor Advion Ant over competing food sources in the same area as the bait, unlike other ant control products.

Optigard Ant: a convenient solution to ants

Optigard® Ant gel bait controls a broad spectrum of ant species, including Argentine, carpenter and odorous house ants. Transfer of the bait to the queen and other ant stages is faster than many other baits. While the highly attractive bait works quickly, it is also easy for ants to carry and share with nestmates to kill the colony.

Powered by the active ingredient thiamethoxam, Optigard Ant features a clear, odorless formulation that won’t stain treated surfaces. It is packaged in ready-to-use, 30-gram syringes and can be applied indoors and outdoors to areas such as attics, crawl spaces and behind kitchen appliances.

Tandem: a double assault on ants in one product

Tandem® insecticide is a fast-acting contact and systemic insecticide powered by two active ingredients. Its iCAP™ technology formulation features small microcaps that release the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, quickly for immediate control, while larger microcaps release it slowly for residual, long-lasting control of more than 90 pests.

The systemic activity offered by its other active ingredient, thiamethoxam, allows Tandem to be quickly absorbed and distributed within plants to control honeydew-producing insects like aphids and mealy bugs. This activity also helps control ants that rely on honeydew producers as a major food source, such as Argentine ants.

Syngenta offers the opportunity to choose from several ant control products that best fit a PMP’s business needs. For more information about Advion Ant gel bait, Optigard Ant gel bait or Tandem insecticide, please contact your local Syngenta sales representative.

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