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Manage menacing scorpions and spiders with new SecureChoice programs from Syngenta

Adding to its portfolio of solutions to help control public health pests, Syngenta has launched two new SecureChoice™ assurance programs for scorpions and spiders. Each program offers Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) recommended product and treatment protocols for guaranteed control of these pest.

“Scorpions and spiders can both be dangerous threats to the health and well-being of people across the country,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta in North America. “By launching these new SecureChoice assurance programs, we’re giving PMPs a complete approach to control these notoriously difficult pests.”

The SecureChoice Scorpion Assurance Program utilizes the performance of Demand® CS insecticide with iCAP™ technology to help reduce scorpion populations. Pairing it with Advion® insect granule helps control scorpion food sources like crickets, cockroaches and earwigs in areas where insecticide sprays may not be as effective, such as landscaping areas adjacent to the structure.

The SecureChoice Spider Assurance Program features the combination of Demon® WP insecticide and Demand® CS insecticide, or Demon WP and Tandem® insecticide, to help control populations of spiders. Microencapsulated and wettable powder formulations of pyrethroid insecticides like Demon WP, Demand CS and Tandem stay on top of porous surfaces and adhere well to spiders’ legs.

These new programs join the line of existing SecureChoice assurance programs for mosquito and flea and tick control, both of which include the combination of Demand CS and Archer® insect growth regulator. All products required by the SecureChoice programs qualify for the 2017 PestPartners™ 365 Program, which is the only program in the industry that helps PMPs plan product purchases all year long*. PMPs interested in participating in 2017 SecureChoice programs must apply the specified products between January 1, 2017, and September 30, 2017 (the “Program Period”).

“PMPs don’t have the luxury of taking a risk on products that may not provide comprehensive control,” said Steve Dorer, market manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America. “Each SecureChoice program from Syngenta provides simple, effective solutions designed to help grow a PMP’s business.”

To learn more about SecureChoice programs from Syngenta, visit www.PestPartners365.com.

*PMPs must be qualified for the 2017 PestPartners 365 Program to receive product rebates.

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