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Altriset termiticide exceeds expectations

Altriset termiticide exceeds expectations for Leading Edge Pest Management.
Without the right industry tools and support, a pest management company can risk losing an opportunity to be successful, especially when it comes to termite control. David Roe, operator at Leading Edge Pest Management in Pleasant Hill, Calif., found that Altriset® termiticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management could enhance his business by providing superior results for his customers.
Roe began using Altriset shortly after it was introduced to the termiticide market in 2010. Roe was interested in the product because of its favorable environmental profile on the label, with its low use rates and ability to kill targeted insects, but he didn’t know how well Altriset would actually control termites.
“Usually I can call companies that had a product before we did to see how it works, but since it was brand new I didn’t know many people that had used it,” Roe says. “Since I tried it early on, now I’m the go-to guy for Altriset in my area, and I tell people it works great.”
Taking risks leads to great results
The unique mode of action paralyzes termites’ mouthparts and halts feeding within hours of exposure to quickly stop structural damage. Since Altriset does not kill the termites immediately, they can share the product with other termites, extending control outside of the treated zone.
“I like that Altriset is a non-repellent and it’s not an instant kill, so termites have time to spread it around the colony,” Roe explains. “That’s part of why Altriset is the number one product we use now.”  
Roe’s technicians check their treated properties every six months and they find that Altriset continues to provide protection against the threat of termites.
“We haven’t had a re-infestation yet, and I’m thrilled with it,” he explains. “Now we offer a termite treatment warranty to our customers whose properties have been treated with Altriset for as many years as they want — that’s how comfortable I feel with Altriset.”
Compatibility with certification programs
Leading Edge Pest Management is certified by GreenPro, a certification program for pest management companies that requires rigorous training and testing to meet specific green pest management service standards. Roe appreciates that Altriset is compatible with the strict guidelines his company must meet to be certified by GreenPro.
GreenPro is a tough organization with really stringent tests,’” he says. “As long as Altriset is used according to the label, it does not present a hazard to humans or domestic animals, so we can remain certified by GreenPro.”
Syngenta offers reliable support and innovation
Roe turned to Syngenta for timely assistance when Altriset appeared to be causing problems for his customers.
“We made an application with Altrisetand the customer said there was an odor,” Roe explains. “Syngenta was right on it, and once on site, they discovered that the odor was actually coming from the customer’s well water. The problem didn’t have anything to do with Altriset after all, but Syngenta was very helpful in working with us and the homeowner to correctly diagnose the odor.”
Having been in the industry since 1965, Roe is amazed that advancements in pest control technology have resulted in products like Altriset.
“I’m glad I have a reliable product I can use for our customers,” Roe says. “I think this is the best product we have ever had for termite control. Science really stepped up to the plate this time.”

For more information about Leading Edge Pest Management in Pleasant Hill, Calif., please visit: www.leadingedgepm.com

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