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Customers Turn to Demand CS to Control Scorpions

Customers Turn to Demand CS to Control Scorpions
Severe scorpions in the Southwest call for Preventive Pest Control and Demand® CS Insecticide
For nearly 11 years, Demand® CS insecticide has been the go-to product for Justin Bradshaw and his team at Preventive Pest Control in Queen City, Ariz. When a local developer of high-end real estate came to Preventive describing a severe problem with scorpions, he had already been through a myriad of companies and products that failed to control them.
“Before Preventive did the treatment, this man gave us a glimpse of how severe his scorpion problem was,” Bradshaw explains.  “He showed us a jar that was half full of scorpions and said that on any given night he could go out with a black light and pull 40 to 50 scorpions off his property. That’s how bad the problem was. It was just an ongoing battle that terrorized his family.”
Preventive treated the property and started him on a bi-monthly treatment every 60 days to spray the perimeter around the home as well as the back walls, rocks and wood piles in his yard. Within two months his scorpion problem went from 40 to 50 per night down to one or two every other month.
Demand CS is ideal for scorpion control because of its microencapsulated formulation. Syngenta’s proprietary iCAP™ Technology encapsulates the active ingredient in microcaps of different sizes that cling to the scorpion’s arms and legs. The smaller capsules provide quick control and the larger capsules are released slowly to provide residual control of scorpions and the other pests they feed on.
“The effect that Demand CS had on those scorpions was just unbelievable,” said Bradshaw. “As that developer continued to build large custom homes in the same area, he would say to the homeowners, ‘Here is the pest control company you need to use, and when you call them, specifically ask to be put on the scorpion program with Demand CS.’ Eleven years later, we still treat his homes with Demand CS because it’s just a phenomenal product.”
For more information on Preventive Pest Control in Queen City, Ariz. and surrounding areas please visit: www.preventivepestcontrol.com/
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