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When it comes to reliable pest control, formulation matters. Your business can’t afford to gamble on inconsistent results. That’s why you can trust the industry-leading power of Syngenta gel baits, which are rigorously tested to provide effective, targeted control for your customers.

Why Syngenta formulations matter

Syngenta gel baits are market leaders for a reason. As an innovator in gel bait technology, Syngenta continually invests in bringing new gel bait active ingredients and formulations to the pest control market. Our ant and cockroach gel baits are specially formulated to offer palatability, broad-spectrum activity, resistance management and more.

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Advion Cockroach gel bait

As the #1 cockroach gel bait on the market, Advion® Cockroach gel bait is the industry leader for controlling tough cockroach populations with a highly attractive formulation.


  • Targeting all prevailing cockroach species, including gel bait-averse cockroaches
  • High consumption with a palatable formulation
  • Complete control of a cockroach infestation
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Advion Evolution cockroach gel bait

With an enhanced bait matrix that is highly attractive to cockroaches, Advion Evolution cockroach gel bait results in increased feeding and faster kill for even the toughest-to-control populations.


  • Fast cockroach mortality
  • Cleanout of heavy cockroach infestations
  • Managing bait aversion and resistance
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Advion Trio cockroach gel bait

Combining the power of three modes of action and three active ingredients, including two insect growth regulators, Advion Trio cockroach gel bait helps control cockroaches at multiple life stages while proactively managing resistance.


  • Controlling cockroach nymphs and adults for a longer-lasting impact on the population
  • Tough cleanout jobs in residential and commercial spaces, including multi-family housing and food-handling establishments
  • Using as a rotation partner with other bait and spray products
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Optigard Cockroach gel bait

With a unique active ingredient and a palatable bait matrix, Optigard® Cockroach gel bait provides effective control of cockroaches resistant to other gel baits or liquids.


  • Cockroach control rotation programs
  • Fast-acting power
  • Highly effective control of urban cockroach species
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