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Curious about what irritates a customer?

Having spent time with over 500 technicians in all kinds of settings, I realized a pattern of missteps technicians often make that can disturb customers. To help maintain professionalism and satisfy customers, I put together a list of things technicians should avoid on the job. Feel free to add your own and use it in training materials to stress the importance of professionalism.

  • Showing up late without explanation
  • Not talking to the customer
    • At the very least, greet them with a smile, ask if they have any concerns, explain the services you’ll be providing and tell them when you’re finished
  • Not reading the service slip before leaving the office, which may have special instructions about the property
  • Leaving a slip on the door, which announces to the public that no one is home
  • Tracking in dust, mud or debris
  • Not wearing booties before entering the customer’s home
  • Dressing sloppily or having poor hygiene
  • Flipping a cigarette butt onto the customer’s lawn
  • Blocking vehicles in the driveway
  • Leaving lights on in the attic or basement
  • Talking politics or religion
  • Saying something negative about a neighbor, competitor or even your own company
  • Not listening to customers’ specific concerns
  • Switching technicians without alerting the customer
    • A new technician should have a detailed list pertaining to specific customer concerns
  • Leaving fences or gates open, which could enable pets to escape (in my case, it was my pet turtle — I still miss him)
  • Breaking something and not telling the customer
  • Driving on wet grass, causing tire marks to appear on the lawn
  • Promising something and then not following up
  • Charging a customer more than their neighbors for the exact same service — neighbors love to talk
  • Using the restroom and leaving it messy
  • Leaving a stain or smell without warning
  • Leaving the door to a crawl space open, which could allow pets to get inside and become dirty

To reiterate: A technician may know the life cycle of every pest, but it takes more than that to keep a happy, long-term customer.

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