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Syngenta Actions on COVID-19

As we adapt to the unprecedented challenges posed by the quickly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we want to assure you that Syngenta continues to take steps to ensure we are operating safely. Syngenta’s priority is the health and safety of our employees, families, customers and partners.

We continue to assess the situation daily and take actions in an abundance of caution to maintain business continuity while focusing on the safety and health of our customers and employees, including:

Supply Chain and Operations:

  • Maintaining our supply chain, which has had minimal impact on our ability to serve our customers with continued supply reliability.
  • Implementing contingency plans at Syngenta production locations and working with suppliers to ensure continued operation without disruption.
  • Increasing our distribution capacity, adjusting hours of operations and positioning our inventory to replenish product from alternative locations should the need arise.
  • Ensuring our customer service and logistics organizations are fully operational as they work remotely.
  • As a leading industry innovator, our R&D teams and facilities remain at work, with appropriate precautions, to ensure we can meet our customers’ evolving needs.


  • We encourage early placement of orders recognizing current strong demand.
  • We are working to maintain service and relationships while minimizing personal contact as many of our customers are doing.
  • We are continuing to monitor needs of our customers, channel partners, and our inventories to ensure we meet demand for our products.
  • We have issued direction to our teams restricting travel and visitors at our sites for business- critical purposes only, for now.
  • We have postponed or cancelled many planned events and activities, and are replacing non-essential in-person meetings with virtual discussions.
  • We are following the advice and guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies at all levels including recommended social distancing.
  • All of our employees who can work remotely are doing so. We have technology in place to help them maintain our business operations including servicing our customers.
  • For critical operations that cannot be accomplished remotely we have implemented additional safety protocols and are cleaning and disinfecting our facilities for a safe work environment.

We are in regular communication with our employees to keep them informed of protective measures, operating guidance and the protocol to follow if they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

We will maintain these protective measures, and adjust or increase them as needed, until it is safe to resume normal operations. We hope our efforts do not cause you undue disruption when you interact with us and that you understand why we are being aggressive in doing our part to contain the spread of this virus.

If you need customer support, the Syngenta Customer Support call center is available: (866) 796-4368. Otherwise, please contact your Syngenta representative if you have questions.

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