Zyrox Fly Granular Bait Insecticide

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Less Product, More Control

Zyrox vs MaxForce Formulation Comparison

Zyrox Tested for House Fly Bait Preference


Less Product, More Control

Zyrox vs MaxForce formulation comparison

Zyrox vs MaxForce Formulation Comparison

Zyrox tested for house fly bait preference

Zyrox Tested for House Fly Bait Preference



Product Overview

Zyrox® fly granular bait provides effective control of house flies with a novel chemistry and a highly attractive formulation.

Key Features

  • Novel active ingredient, cyantraniliprole,  helps manage fly populations that are resistant to other chemistries
  • Attractive bait matrix doesn’t require a pheromone to lure flies in
  • Lower bulk density means fewer pounds required to fill stations and fewer pounds to lift and store
  • Can be used in residential, commercial and agricultural settings, as well as indoors when placed in a bait station and in food-handling establishments (see product label)

Key Benefits

  • Zyrox has no documented resistance and is an ideal rotational product in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistance Management (IRM) programs
  • Each pound can fill up to twice as many stations as competitor baits, allowing pest management professionals to fill more stations with fewer pounds of bait to lift and store
  • Approved for use in areas where high fly densities result in customer complaints, such as restaurants, grocery stores and warehouses

1University of California, Riverside, Brad Mullens, Ph.D. PRO12703, 2012.

Download Supporting Zyrox Fly Granular Bait Documents

2016382016523171141_Zyrox-ss-tb.jpg PDF
Zyrox Information Sheet(PDF)

Learn more about Zyrox Fly granular bait, which contains a unique active ingredient to help with fly resistance management.

20161892016519144420_Zyrox-rural-ss-thumbnail.jpg PDF
Zyrox Information Sheet (Farm Pest Control)(PDF)

Learn more about how Zyrox Fly granular bait can be used on farm pest control accounts.

20162592016519144335_2015620151290447_ZyroxTB.JPG PDF
Zyrox Technical Bulletin(PDF)

Get more technical information about Zyrox Fly granular bait, including palatability and attractiveness fly bait trials.




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Evaluation of Cyantraniliprole and Other Commercial Fly Baits under Laboratory and Field Conditions

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