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Mosquito control tips for an early spring season

By Dr. Nicky Gallagher, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

The weather across parts of the country makes it seem like spring will be arriving sooner than expected this year. Before we know it, mosquitoes will be active again and driving us back indoors. To keep mosquitoes at bay and allow your customers to enjoy their backyards, consider adding a mosquito control service to your business offerings.

Mosquito services (also known as barrier applications) typically represent a small portion of an overall pest management business (around 1-2 percent1), but they have great potential for growth. Mosquito services increased by 34 percent in 20152, and revenue streams increased for three years in a row for more than 50 percent of companies.1

If performed correctly, an add-on mosquito service is an excellent opportunity to increase your revenue and customer base. An effective mosquito program should include inspection, education, breeding source reduction and targeted applications of adulticides and larvicides. Here are some additional tips as you gear up for mosquito season:

  • Know your state and local regulations regarding mosquito control.
  • Brush up on mosquito biology and control strategies by attending educational sessions, like our upcoming mosquito control webinar featuring Dr. Phil Koehler
  • Inspect your equipment for any necessary repairs or maintenance
  • Attend training seminars on how to safely and effectively conduct a mosquito application
  • Review inspection techniques, protocols and product labels for any changes
  • Develop educational bulletins and inspection checklists for homeowners
  • Review your contract to ensure you avoid claims of complete mosquito control and disease prevention
  • Reach out early to existing and new customers to remind them that you are offering a mosquito service
  • Be prepared for questions from your customers about the Zika virus

Barrier applications are traditionally offered for control of nuisance mosquitoes. To give you a competitive advantage, Syngenta offers the SecureChoicesm Mosquito Assurance Program for mosquito control on a 60-day treatment cycle. With the combination of Demand® CS insecticide and Archer® insect growth regulator, this program can help you free up technician time and reduce mosquito populations around your customers' homes or properties for up to 60 days. As part of the program, Syngenta also offers educational materials for homeowners about how to reduce mosquito breeding sites and how to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

For more information and tips about mosquito control, visit the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program webpage or contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

1 "State of the Mosquito Market". Pest Control Technology. May 2015. Pp P3-10.
2 Curl, Gary. A Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Structural Pest Control Industry. SCP Research. 2015.


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