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Solutions for Working Under Pyrethroid Label Restrictions


Solutions for Working Under Pyrethroid Label Restrictions
By ElRay Roper, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently eased the restrictions on the use of pyrethroid insecticides for outdoor applications. These changes will provide more flexibility to Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) when using pyrethroids to control pests such as spiders, lady beetles and stink bugs.

In particular, PMPs are now allowed to apply pyrethroids to soffits, the undersides of porch and patio roofs and other non-horizontal areas protected from rainfall. In addition, PMPs can make full applications to vertical walls that have turf, flower beds, mulch beds or other pervious surfaces at the base of the wall. 

However, restrictions that limit the use of perimeter applications still remain. Fortunately, PMPs have a number of options to control unwanted arthropod pests other than applying a broadcast spray of pyrethroid insecticides. In addition, please remember that you must make your applications according to the directions for use on the package you are using.
IPM Approach with Non-Chemical Methods
An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with both non-chemical and chemical methods can provide superior results for controlling nuisance pests when trying to work around pyrethroid restrictions. With an IPM approach, it is important to inspect the property you are serving and implement the following non-chemical practices to remove or lessen pest pressure.
·         Work with the property owner to remove conducive conditions such as wood piles, building materials or water issues (leaks, standing water, etc.).
·         Prune shrubs and trees so they are not touching the structure.
·         Check that screens fit properly, do not have holes and the weather stripping is properly installed and adjusted.
·         Fill cracks, holes, utility penetrations and other openings with an appropriate sealant or screen.
IPM Approach with Chemical Insecticides
There are also a number of non-pyrethroid insecticides that can be used around a structure to help eliminate or prevent unwanted pests from invading a home. Syngenta offers two liquid insecticides that are labeled to control a broad number of pests and can be used in a variety of locations for perimeter insect control.
·         Arilon® insecticide contains the active ingredient indoxacarb which effectively differentiates between target pests and beneficial organisms. Additionally, Arilon can be applied outdoors as a flexible 10-foot band, indoors and in food-handling establishments, when used in accordance to the product label.
·         Optigard® Flex is a neonicotinoid insecticide with systemic activity that controls honeydew-producing insects and can easily be spread through social insect colonies to provide thorough control.
Baits, such as the ones below, can also be effective at controlling insects looking to enter structures.
·         Optigard® Ant Gel Bait and Advion® Ant Gel Bait can help eliminate colonies of ants with their highly attractive gel formulation.
·         Advion® Insect Granule can be applied to mulch and turf areas to provide control of a variety of crawling insects such as crickets, earwigs and beetles.
Tools for the Effective Control of Perimeter Pests

Label restrictions on pyrethroid insecticides do not have to hinder you from providing excellent control of perimeter pests. They do, however, require you to expand your “toolbox” of effective products to achieve the level of control your customers have come to expect. Syngenta offers a broad portfolio of products that can help you provide your customers the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free environment.


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