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New name, same trusted formulation for Weatherblok XT rodenticide from Syngenta

To help streamline information for Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), Syngenta has changed the name of Weatherblok® XT rodenticide to Talon Weatherblok® XT. The product itself will remain the same – there are no changes to the formulation PMPs know and trust.

“PMPs have to juggle all sorts of information and details related to the operations of running pest control businesses,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta, North America. “With this name change, we’re making things easier for PMPs by keeping our rodenticides, which include Talon®-G rodenticide, under the recognizable Talon brand name.”

It is important for a rodenticide bait block to achieve a balance between acceptance and durability. Talon Weatherblok XT is designed for extreme weatherability without compromising rodent acceptance. Its high-density grain content is extremely palatable to rodents, but not to people, since it contains Bitrex®, a human taste deterrent that prevents accidental consumption. The single-feeding properties of Talon Weatherblok XT can also help reduce exposure and costs, limiting the incidence of bait shyness.

“PMPs will continue to experience the same great results from our rodenticide portfolio as they always have, regardless of the name change,” said Steve Dorer, market manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America. “With scientifically proven efficacy, Talon Weatherblok XT can continue to help make sure PMPs’ customers are living without the disruption of rodents, even in harsh conditions.”

To learn more about Talon Weatherblok XT from Syngenta, visit www.SyngentaPMP.com/TalonWeatherblok.

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