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Knock fall invaders out cold with Demand CS

While heavy pest pressure may fade with the summer months, a whole new population of insects can crawl into customers’ properties during the fall season, seeking shelter to ride out the cold winter months. With the formulation technology and durability to control fall invaders such as cluster flies, boxelder bugs, beetles, stink bugs and more than 30 other insects, Demand® CS insecticide from Syngenta can help keep your customers cozy and overwintering pests out in the cold.

iCAP technology endures the elements

An insecticide with extended residual activity can help control fall invaders throughout the winter. Demand CS features iCAP™ technology, a formulation technology developed by Syngenta that suspends the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, in the formulation with different-sized microcapsules. Smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly for fast knockdown of active pests, while larger microcaps release the active ingredient more slowly for up to 90 days of residual control.

A single treatment of Demand CS can release up to 10,000 microcaps per square inch of coverage, even at a low use rate. While other microcaps can deteriorate prematurely from heat, UV light and pH extremes, iCAP technology features dual-walled, durable microcaps that protect the active ingredient from harmful conditions. The microcaps stay in place until picked up by passing insects, who carry them to other insects and their colonies.

Demand CS brings control where you need it

Fall invaders often aggregate around the outside of structures on warm fall days, looking for a shelter to overwinter. Once they get inside, they can quickly create odors and stains that make customers come calling. Demand CS can be used both indoors and outdoors with little-to-no odor or staining. It can also be applied to potential entry points such as around window frames, screens and porches. Applying Demand CS as a surface, spot, crack-and-crevice or perimeter treatment allows for maximum flexibility in providing residual control of these pests for up to three months.

With a powerful formulation to bring control where you need it, Demand CS will help keep fall invaders outdoors and away from your customers this season. For more information about Demand CS, contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

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