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Flies have a more attractive bait on the menu

Increased resistance in house flies1-2 means your customers need a product with no documented resistance that can control these pests. Zyrox® Fly granular bait from Syngenta can help overcome resistance issues to effectively control house flies in urban, rural and commercial markets.

Zyrox contains cyantraniliprole, a unique active ingredient with no documented resistance. The proprietary bait matrix is highly attractive to flies, even without a pheromone lure. This makes Zyrox an ideal rotational partner in Integrated Pest Management and Insect Resistance Management programs for effective fly control.

An added feature of Zyrox is its bait matrix, which has a lower bulk density than most other fly baits. This allows Pest Management Professionals to have comparable surface area coverage and volume to other baits, but with fewer pounds of bait to carry, move and store.

One pound of Zyrox can fill a bait station 19 times, versus one pound of the above alternative fly baits that would fill a bait station 13 times or less.

Zyrox is labeled for use in the most common areas where high fly densities result in customer complaints, such as around the following areas:
  • Indoors (when used in a bait station)
  • Outdoors in areas used for storing waste in refuse dumpsters that are fenced in or inaccessible to children and pets, such as restaurants, grocery stores and warehouses
  • Outdoor areas of commercial operations, such as dairy, meat and poultry processing plants
  • Production animal accounts, such as livestock housing structures
Through advanced scientific research and industry expertise, you can feel comfortable offering your customers Zyrox to help provide a life free from the nuisance of flies. For more information, visit www.SyngentaPMP.com/Zyrox.

1 Gerry AC and Zhang D, Behavioral resistance of house flies, Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) to imidacloprid. US Army Med Dep J 54-59 (2009).
2 Darbo JM and Mullens BA, Assessing insecticide resistance and aversion to methomyl-treated toxic baits in Musca domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae) populations in southern California. Pest Manag Sci 60:901-908 (2004).

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