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When harmful pests have you stuck in the woods, turn to Demand CS.

Brown recluse spiders are common in the heavily wooded areas of Ozark, Mo. – and their bites can be venomous. Expert Pest Solutions owner Brian Pickens knows Demand® CS insecticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management can help ensure his customers enjoy their property without the nuisance and worry of these spiders, as well as many other insects.

Throughout his 12-year history in the industry, including four years at Expert Pest Solutions, Pickens has used Demand CS for fast-acting and residual control of heavy pest pressure. 

“A lot of neighborhoods I treat are in the woods near vegetation, which increases pest pressure,” Pickens explains. “Where other products break down quickly, I have found that Demand CS is more effective and lasts longer.” 

Better control leads to more customers

Pickens has discovered that using Demand CS allows him to offer solutions to customers who were not getting the results they needed from other pest companies. 

“One customer called me who had brown recluse spiders for years, and she saw them out in the open every day,” he explains. “A different company had been treating her house for years, but had never solved the problem.

“I’ve been treating the property with Demand CS for two years, and she says it’s amazing that she never sees a spider out in the open anymore.”

Having experienced similar scenarios many times with his business, Pickens knows Demand CS consistently delivers the results his customers want.

“I pick up accounts from other pest companies because they can’t solve those problems,” he says. “The only thing I can think of is that they’re not using Demand CS.” 

Compatibility with service schedules

Demand CS features iCAP technology, a microencapsulated formulation developed by Syngenta that protects the product against harsh environmental conditions. Microcaps of multiple sizes release the product at different times, providing long-term control that is consistent with Pickens’s service routines.

“With other products I might get 30 days from a treatment,” Pickens says. “When I use Demand CS, I typically get 90 days of control, and most of our business is based on a 90-day service interval.

“If we use an inferior product and a customer calls back between those 90 days, I lose money because I have to retreat the property,” he explains. “Using Demand CS saves me money because I don’t have to make a return visit.”

Relevant expertise from Syngenta

Pickens appreciates the level of expertise that his Syngenta sales representatives offer him, such as advice on the products that can best address his most common pest problems.

“I’ve always had access to Syngenta representatives in the industry,” Pickens says. “As a small company, that is support that we don’t have in-house, so it is a huge advantage to us.”

With knowledgeable support and the right products, Pickens is able to give his customers and his technicians the tools needed for long-term success.

“Syngenta and Demand CS help me gain bigger profits,” he explains, “and that helps my business grow.”

For more information about Expert Pest Solutions in Ozark, Mo., please visit: www.pestscontrolspringfieldmo.com.

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