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Sensitive areas are within reach with Arilon insecticide.

Sensitive areas are within reach with Arilon insecticide.

Using pest control products that can’t be applied in sensitive areas can leave some customers vulnerable to pests and result in lost opportunities for your business. Aaron Ogburn, vice president of operations at Regions Pest in Dallas, Texas, avoids these problems by using Arilon® insecticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management to treat sensitive areas and control a variety of pests, including ants and cockroaches.*

Flexible applications where they’re needed

Arilon is labeled for use in difficult-to-treat areas such as hotels, schools, hospitals, buses and food-handling establishments, as directed by the product label. It can also be applied indoors as a crack-and-crevice application, as well as outdoors as a perimeter application up to a flexible 10-foot band. 

Regions Pest discovered these benefits when using Arilon to treat a German cockroach infestation in a popular restaurant. In addition to a lot of customer traffic, it is also filled with kitchen equipment and food products, making it a difficult environment to treat.

“It’s challenging to gain access into some of the areas to make treatments because there’s so much activity, kitchen equipment and products,” Ogburn explains. “We use nothing but Arilon in these environments, and we achieved complete cockroach elimination in less than a week. We have had phenomenal success with this product.”

Targeted science for reduced callbacks

Arilon is the only sprayable product in its class of chemistry, the oxadiazines, which makes it a good alternative to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. Its mode of action combines non-repellency and a slight delay in insect mortality, allowing Arilon to be shared among target insects. This helps ensure comprehensive control of pests within 24-48 hours, which Ogburn experienced once he started treating ants with Arilon.

“One of the reasons our company decided to use the product was because of the mode of action,” he says. “When we go back for follow-ups and the pests are gone, the science speaks for itself.”

Personalized service from Syngenta

Ogburn began using Arilon in 2011 after his Syngenta sales representative told him about its chemistry and use methods. He knows he can rely on his sales representative to recommend the right products for his business needs.

“I like the professionalism and timely responses from Syngenta,” he explains. “If you call them, they will respond immediately and walk through your questions.”

With its consistent control in difficult areas, Arilon helps fill a gap in the product portfolio of Regions Pest.

“I can’t stress enough how good Arilon is in sensitive areas,” Ogburn explains. “There are lots of products that aren’t labeled for use in those areas, so Arilon really helps out our business because it is.”

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*The new Arilon label is not approved for use in the state of California.

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