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Qualities that put PMPs on the path to success

By Dr. Austin Frishman, Ph.D.

Over the last six decades, I’ve had the privilege of knowing some very successful pest management companies. While each company has had their own unique personality, they have all shown similar qualities that set them apart from the rest. These uncommon traits have helped determine who rose above the pack, and who continues to maintain their influence. Although most have exhibited different combinations of these strengths, all had the majority of what I now share with you.


  • Discover your service niche. Not having a niche will guarantee a broader array of competition, so you can only compete through lower pricing. Don’t be afraid to diversify services, but emphasize your specialty.

  • Invest in recruiting and retaining key employees. Allow individuals to grow by making their own decisions and mistakes. This freedom and hands-on experience will help them grow their unique talents and help your business retain invested leaders.

  • Lead by example by showing employees you are willing to work hard to accomplish a goal. Simple gestures like coming in early or lending a hand where needed help set expectations and show others that you live by your word.

  • Engage with the local community and encourage your team to do the same. Spearheading community events and projects is a great start. Surround yourself with others in your professional community. Seek outside advice from other successful people to consider all perspectives before making major decisions.

  • Include your employees in making decisions. If you’re choosing new uniforms, let employees test them out. Additionally, changes within the business should be communicated to employees before anyone else – employees would rather hear it from you than from the media.

  • Don’t allow mistakes to discourage you, regardless of their size. Revisit these situations, evaluate your methods and make another attempt. Learn from missteps to accomplish a goal, as well as other potential challenges ahead.

  • Invite outside guest speakers to in-house training meetings for a broader and more telling industry perspective. Consider the local health department and/or appropriate state agency employees. Not only do these efforts help educate employees, but they can also build relationships and opportunities for new business. Staying active in related associations at the local, state and national levels also helps you stay aware of options for guest speakers.

As you consider the qualities above, also consider this: success is not necessarily measured in how large a company you build is, but how well-run the company is and how happy the team of employees is. The qualities that can set you apart are authenticity and passion. Remember who you are and where you come from, and love what you do.


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